My Life - Original Writing Essay

1160 Words Oct 6th, 2015 null Page
Sitting down and actually thinking about the things I have done in life has reminded me of a story that has great significance to me. So much so that I just have to include it for you guys to read, so here it is. I was nine. It was September. I remember it was raining. Actually more like downpouring. My father was trying to get the crops out of the field. At this point in my life I had never really operated any of our machinery. Sure, I watched my dad or my older brother run the huge implements, but I had never done so myself. I was inside the house, but I don’t exactly remember what I was doing there. What I do remember is my father bursting in, grabbing me and saying that he needed my help. As we made our way outside, I remember already noticing the rising of the small creek below our house. Yes, it is the one that flows under the bridge I destroyed. Being only nine and this memory being a good amount of time ago, I can’t exactly recall how much the creek seemed to have risen but it was significant enough to be remembered. My father and I hopped in our old, blue, chevy 3500 and sped away towards the field, which was still half filled with corn. I could see the combine sitting there, waiting for it’s operator to return, and the tractor, sitting there, sputtering softly as it idled in the dank, sticky, mud that the field was fastly turning into. As we turned into the field I started to wonder. Why was my father bringing me out here? What were his intentions for me? I…

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