Essay on My Life - Original Writing

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I was twelve years old when mom died on the hospital bed. Her pale, lifeless skin resembled the snow that was gently falling outside. Beside me, my sister’s lithe body trembled. My dad was next to my dead mom’s side, his hands tightly clasping hers. His eyes were bloodshot red from all the crying he did that morning. After the doctor declared that mom was officially dead, my dad let out a loud wailing sound that I would never forget. He broke down and collapsed on the floor with my sister attempting to comfort him. It was shocking to see my dad cry. He was supposed to be strong, nothing should tear him down. My image of a strong father was shattered. I wanted him to shut up. His screams of anguish pierced my ears. The scene he was causing was mortifying, but he didn’t seem to care. My sister sobbed with him, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders. Watching them made my throat tight, my eyes began to water, and I fell to my knees crying with a heavy heart.
It was Christmas that day, and Santa’s gift to me was a dead mother. Mom killed herself by swallowing more pills than what was recommended on the directions and finished herself off by downing multiple bottles of dad’s alcohol. Past the pretty decorations of snowflakes, stockings on the fireplace, and the ornaments on the tree was a woman losing consciousness on the kitchen floor. Numerous beer bottles covered the floor like wildflowers in a field. Her skin had a pasty complexion with no color to be found. Some of the…

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