Essay on My Life Of My Mother

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“I was embarrassed of my home because of the condition it was in. My parents did not have jobs. My mom tried to sell her artwork in art shows. The only money they received was through my father’s fund granted to my mother after he committed suicide so that she could take care of me. My life was not one depicted by the Brady Bunch, it was definitely different and bizarre. It was colorful.” At first glance, you may deem my mother careless or too free in spirit. Her nature has been culminated by her upbringing. She was brought up in an unfortunate situation, and that has contributed to her view of the world. Her experiences do not detract from the person that she is; , they’ve made her a stronger individual. My mother is a very loving and compassionate person. She is proof that you do not have to be your parents’ clone. You can make the best of what you have, learn from your parents’ mistakes as well as your own, and progress as a person.

My mom, Carol Candler, was born to Suzanne Walters and William Candler III in on August 22, 1975. Her parents’ love story was not something so simple as meeting in a local grocery store.

“My parents met in a halfway house, which is a rehabilitation center coming out of a mental hospital. My mother never told me why she was admitted into a mentalmentall hospital. She told me that she had just worked there, but I have seen records of her showing that she was indeed admitted into the hospital as a patient.” Despite having two mentally ill…

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