Essay My Life Of My Family

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Many fathers and mothers cherish each other on a daily basis whether it is knowingly or unknowingly. The first fourteen years of my life are cherished memories, memories I hold dear to my heart. For those beautiful fourteen years I was raise by my mother, Ana Reyes and my father, Rodolfo Reyes. I was raised in the beautiful city of Ontario, CA alongside two other siblings, Gladys and Nancy, my two sisters. Being the youngest in the family, I am viewed as the baby of the family regardless of my age. During my early days I enjoyed playing the baby role, household responsibilities were left to my sisters. Being the baby in the family definitely came with its perks. From my childlike mind, my perspective towards my family was perfectly imperfect family. My early days during my childhood were of a typical middle class environment. My father worked full-time to provide for the family and my mother was a stay at home mother to care for the family. Our family was blessed with financial stability, which in the words of my father meant a roof over our head and food to eat. My father Rodolfo had strong beliefs about never asking for things and appreciating what god has provided. My father Rodolfo’s belief is associated to the fact that my father was raised in poverty. I remember as a child hearing my father often repeat himself in saying “God will give you what you need not what you want so be thankful for what is given to you and know that right now, that is all you need”. At that…

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