My Life Of My Childhood Essay

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I guess that I was always different from other people from the very start. I 'm not referring to my teenage ‘woe is me ' years, but since I was old enough to remember I was fundamentally unlike anyone my age. The way I thought and felt at that age was rather off. Much too intense and apathetic, yet I was still the best-behaved child in the household. I can 't recall much of my childhood and nothing at all from before the age of 6. All I do know is that I grew up loved and cared for. I had everything I needed, but was not spoiled, as we went through a rough patch financially in that time. I 'm grateful because I learned to appreciate what I have and to work hard for what I want. Nothing in life is for free and I 'm fine with that notion. It works for me.
I was a short quiet girl that only worried about my studies. Making friends was just not a priority for me, because on some level I believed all people to be inherently evil. I got on fantastically by myself and absolutely hated it when I was forced into group projects. Because of this, I was bullied terribly for most of my young life for just about anything. I remember an instance when a girl younger than myself, yet physically bigger, cornered me in a hallway and started beating me with a branch full of thorns that could be found littered the school yard. She told me that she would beat me until I admitted I was not better than everyone. To be honest, I saw myself as just as evil as they are, but I was a stubborn girl and…

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