My Life Of Jeff Steele: My View Of Life

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I am Jeff Steele I have lived for 18 years now, almost 19, and my story is my own. Everyone has their own story with their own view of life and a reason to live. This is some of mine and how I came to be who I am today. While different from many others I enjoy the way I have lived it out, although like most people, I too have been through tough times, but the good times are there too and those tend to make life worth living. These events are what shaped me as a person. The things that I see as representing me or that have most affected my life are moving, my cousins, and my mother.
I lived in South Carolina for 10 years. That is where I grew up, in Columbia. Eventually my dad married my stepmother, and soon enough they decided to move to Atlanta. I grew up in South Carolina, so my sister and I were not fans of the idea that we would be
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This event probably had the largest impact on my life. It made me see that no one will be around forever and that you should really love those around you that care about you. This made me become a lot closer to my family and was one of the reasons my cousins and I are so close. People move on but it still happened and affected who I am today. To link that my stepmother has been a huge part of my life and one of the nicest people I have ever met, she helped me get through stuff and tries her best at everything she does. She was a cause of moving to Atlanta and that experience alone changed my life over the years.
That is my story. The how and why I am who I am today. Everyone lives a different life and no one’s story is the same as mine. Even if they have the exact same experiences as I do the way they perceived and reacted to those situations can never be the same as mine. This is what makes identity so unique. The three events that truly shaped me are, moving, my cousins, and my

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