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  • Theme Of Aids Poem By May Sarton

    also creates an image of how we can open up to others. AIDS is a disease that not only brings out the fear in people but those who they encounter. AIDS has been out since the 1980 but people still see it as something new. Sarton’s poem repeats words, and emphasize on AIDS. This poem is speaking real life truth about us, as a people, treat others differently when we fear that our own live might be in danger but informs us that we can change it to become more loving and compassionate towards this cause. AIDS starting out in…

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  • Millennials: The Importance Of Diversity In Our Society

    generation (the Millennials) and how screwed or ignorant we are. In some ways they are right, but are we really as incompetent as they think? We know more about technology than our parents and grandparents, we are creative and optimistic when it comes to work, and we have a better understanding with the need to help others. Also, we stay connected to social media (which is both exceptional and atrocious) allowing us to know when something happens the moment it happens, and we accept and…

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  • Eli Pariser's The Filter Bubble

    changing how we think and what we read. In this essay, I will review the book and discuss the arguments inside. Right now, we think that the information that we are looking up is general information that is available to everyone else. In reality, when we search for something, it creates this personalized information that the internet thinks we would be most likely to look further into. If you and the person next you searched the same thing on Google, your results probably…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Personal Response Essay

    Personal Response Human beings are forced to face certain adversities in life to define who they are? And what do they stand for in ethical values to reinforce who they are. In life each individual is different as the circumstances are not the same to everyone however how we react in those circumstance made who you are. Certainly everyone reacts different, but some factors help in shaping who we are as is the cases of baby, they relieve in their parents, their environment and the values they…

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  • Analysis Of Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Privacy By Nicholas Carr

    book Utopia is Creepy and Other Provocations, on the issues of privacy, specifically online privacy. Carr writes that as we go about our everyday lives, browsing online, hiding behind our computers, feeling completely anonymous, we are, however, completely unaware that our information is being collected and stored online. He claims that every keystroke, from typing to the details we provide when we shop online are all gathered and saved to the databases of corporations owning the websites.…

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  • Soul Mate Research Paper

    temperament. Some people go their whole lives never knowing if they have a soul mate. When, where or how we will meet them, remains a mystery that only universe seems to know. One that keeps us guessing every time our paths cross with a potential mate. Thoughts run through our heads, could he or she be the one for us, our one true love? Sometimes asking ourselves if our relationship is meant to be, or if it is possible to have more then on soul mate. The true definition of a soul mate is…

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  • Stereotypes Of Beauty

    to self-punishment to the temptations that keep us from having the Beauty coveted trophy. This transcends feminine vanity, as we currently see the proliferation of men in places where only females were seen in antiquity. Such is the case of spa, beauty salons, boutiques, shoe stores, gyms, aesthetic, and even in the areas of creams and perfumes of the leading self-service stores. As for women, it is necessary to find the outfit that makes perfectly combines all its parts as a greater whole.…

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  • Dialogue Essay: Romano's Independence

    They did it! They actually did it! They beat Spain! The great empire! He was free! Sure he would no doubt have to deal with the ambitious and rapidly growing country of America one day, but right now was not the time to think of that, right now he was to drink and sing and celebrate his independence. “Juan” Someone called, thats how he introduced himself to people, it just felt right. “We have come up with a flag what do you think of this” The general in charge, who was for once letting loose,…

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  • We Are Not The World Analysis

    The article “We Are Not the World” by Greg IP contrast the recent upsurge of nationalism with the philosophy of globalism and the effects of globalization. “Globalization is the global movement into economic, financial, trade and communication integration” (Greg IP 2017). It also looks into the broader interconnected and interdependent world with free trade of capital, goods, and services across nations, but it is limited to the movement of labor making globalization the recent national trends. …

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  • Persuasive Speech: We Are The World

    There is not enough funds or resources to tackle the problem effectively. Even if everybody in the world gave a dollar a day, the amount would not be enough to cure world hunger or promote change. Thinking back to the 1980’s when the song “We Are the World” came out and all the stars that were included in the song personally hand delivered the funds the raised to ensure the right people was to attain the funds. The negative stereotypes of the homeless are one thinks they choose to be…

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