Personal Narrative: Brandon Daniel Arios

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My full name is Brandon Daniel Arioso. I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on March Fifth, 1997 making me seven-teen years old. I was raised in Cheyenne by my mom, Linda and my dad, Benjamin. Currently I am still living in Cheyenne but I am longing to explore the states, specifically Alaska or Northern Colorado. Even though I am a local to Cheyenne I still do not have a vast pool of people I would even call my acquaintances. However, my best friend is, Chris Smith. Chris and I talk on Skype occasionally but primarily play a computer based game called: League of legends. This game is made by Riot Games and is considered a Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). In addition, my other best friend would be my mother. When we hang out our day usually …show more content…
Silvia was the first person to sign me up for a sport and she signed me up for, Baseball. My grandma, was at every game I ever played. She always made sure I had the gear and apparel I needed and, after every game she would always have a good hearty meal. The best meal she would cook was Chicken and dumplings. Sadly, even with my grandma having her own cook book I still do not know the recipe. Nonetheless, I went on to play baseball for four summers and one summer end up winning the league championship. Reminiscing about when I played baseball, my favorite snack at the time was a walking taco. A walking taco is Doritos topped with season ground beef, Nacho cheese and you can add sour cream, lettuce or tomatoes. To change subjects, my grandmother was an amazing women, quilt maker, rug maker, cook and so much more. Every Sunday she would go to a Christian church and was a devoted women of the bible. She passed away in the fall of 2014, from lung cancer. She was 87 years old and is missed dearly. Starting College for the first time after getting my High School Equivalency Certificate in 2014. I was going to be attending Laramie County Community College (LCCC) for the, Fall 2014 semester, I was so happy and anxious I would call her almost every day. Half way through the semester she was unable to talk, walk or do even the simplest of life tasks. About two weeks after the diagnosis, she passed away. However, throughout my adolescence age she blessed with me amazing fun time where I meet many people and made many

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