My Life Is Like A Path, It Has Its Ups And Downs Essay

1004 Words Feb 7th, 2016 5 Pages
My life is like a path, it has its ups and downs. I face many challenges which change my direction on this difficult path. Through these challenges I get to learn more about myself. My characteristics build up my self-esteem which motivates me to get up every day to go to school. The more I observe others leads to many changes in me. However success cannot be easily achieved. Through this journey there are many internal conflicts I come through. Since I am willing to work hard in order to accomplish something in life. I am ready to face the conflicts and work my way up, the support from my family, friends and teachers will help me make it through.
It is my first year at high school, I have learnt and experienced many new things. Friends have a strong influence on me as an individual. As I have grown and observed the people around me I have become more cautious about friendship. From my past experience some of my friends have broken my trust. It Is very difficult for me to know who’s right or wrong. I have learnt to make the right decisions. Peer pressure is very dangerous because one wrong step can lead you to the wrong path. My experience with the wrong people had made me alert of what type of a person I was becoming. I believe that staying around positive people has changed me a lot to become a better person and focus on school. My friends are very supportive and always willing to help me. They have had a good influence on me, my attitude and characteristics change…

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