My Life For The Better Essay

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This Changed My Life for the Better
When I was a junior in high school I had a rough time just getting by in life. I had a best friend, who was like a big brother to me. His name was Dakota and I had known him since I was 6 years old. In February of 2014, we hung out every weekend. We went everywhere together such as the mall, late night movies, and one of my favorites, off-roading.
One night, I had about an hour left of my shift at work and was planning on Dakota picking me up and going to a movie that night, with a bunch of our friends. When I was getting ready to close the store, I got a call at work saying that Dakota had just been in an accident and was on the way to the hospital via helicopter. I couldn’t even finish the phone call. I hung up the phone and called my friend Leandra to see if they were messing with me, or that he was just around the corner from my work and wanted to scare me. When I finally got the nerve to call Dakota’s mom, she said it was true and that he was going to the hospital across town at 3rd street and Washington. I asked to get off work and get to the hospital for him, but I soon realized that I didn’t have a car to get there. I called my mom and I asked her to come pick me up from work and take me to the hospital.
By the time my shift was over with, my mom picked me up and we went to hospital as fast as we could. I had mixed emotions as we were driving to the hospital. I was crying, angry, scared and hoping it wasn’t true. When I got…

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