My Life Changing Events During The Summer Year Of High School

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The experiences and memories you make throughout life shape who you are. Whether this is a favorite class, a job, or, in my case, the passing of a loved one, these are pieces of who you become. Although these events seem to have no connection, they all have come together to show me which career suits be the best. From the beginning of high school to this last summer after the death of my grandmother, I knew that pharmacy was the career for me. I experienced one of my most life changing events during the summer after my freshman year of high school. I went on a mission trip to New Orleans. During this trip, we met with Lutheran churches from all over the United States in order to help the New Orleans community in the long recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Our church group painted and renovated a church, and attended church services every night with thousands of people that shared the same beliefs as us. This experience not only strengthened my faith, but it also showed me that I truly loved working with new and diverse people. Another experience that taught me about helping people was working in the concessions stand at our local pool. I was offered the job unexpectedly, without an interview, by a teacher I had in middle school that remembered my work ethic. Although it seemed like a menial job early on, it allowed me to interact with the public on a daily basis, primarily the children of the surrounding neighborhoods. This unplanned job taught me a great deal about working…

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