My Science Experience

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I have had some good teachers as well as some bad experiences in science classes in the past. Although I don’t remember too much about my science classes when I was in elementary and middle school, I do remember a lot from high school and have had quite a few science classes in college.
In middle school I did a lot of reading. It was actually completely all reading assignments. I didn’t do too many hands on activities, and whatever experiments I did do weren’t very memorable. This made science kind of boring for me and I found that while I did learn things it did not stay in my memory very well. However, when I took biology in high school things did change. I loved reading about the human body and all the different systems – it amazed
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She hated dissections and wanted to get it over with quickly – so she stabbed our scalpel into the crawfish’s back and wrenched it down. In her hurry to get it all over with she cut open several organs and mutilated them beyond recognition, it was gross. But even to this day I could tell you about some of the organs in a crawfish if I saw them. So even though it was kind of an awful experience, I did learn something that I still remember to this day. This really should be the goal of teachers today. So many teach for the test and not for life long knowledge. It is my hope to be a teacher one day that can make learning fun, and memorable. After taking biology that first time, I considered getting a degree in medicine as I had enjoyed that class so much. But I knew that I loved to teach as well and so I decided to try and combine my two favorite things and go to school for a degree in Elementary Education with a science focus in hopes of becoming a middle school biology …show more content…
It was hopeless. I hated everything about it. For the first time in my life I had found a science class that I didn’t like. I wish I had gotten more help in that class – someone who was willing to take extra time to help me understand all about atoms and electrons.
The positive things that I look back on in all of my science classes boil down to the teacher’s involvement and excitement in the subject as well as how much I initially enjoyed the subject. I had good teachers that made the learning interesting, and teachers who knew how to challenge their student’s minds.
The negative things that I take away from my years in school are memories of classes that I felt inadequate in. I am scared of teaching chemistry now, and I really wish I wasn’t. This is something that I will struggle with for a long time. If I ever teach chemistry I will have to work hard at comprehending the content materials before I can even teach it. I want to try and be able to help the students who also have a hard time understanding this branch

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