Essay about My Life Changed After I

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My life drastically changed before I was born. Before I was able to see what the “Before” was like. I live in the After. The aftermath of people 's poor choices and neglectful nature, the not-so-calm after the storm. When you live the the After you desperately long to see what the Before was like. So I took ten hours and built myself a before and, maybe, just maybe, this time there won’t need to be an after. When I was four, my Mother committed her life to someone new. I was now a girl with two moms, and two dads, and two last names. As I grew up, my biological Father and my Step Mom grew more and more verbally and emotionally abusive. My Dad was very distant and gone for long periods of time. Carrie, my Stepmother, treated me as if I was a burden she couldn 't quite bear. I became the target of foul words and unresolved anger. I was too afraid to tell my Mom about what was happening.
Early on I developed what we now recognize as a severe anxiety disorder and many insecurities I still struggle with today. Other kids have memories of family game night and going on cool trips and I remember being 12 and hiding in closets while my Dad yelled and left again and again and again. Though to some extent, I led a normal life when at my Mom 's house. I laughed and played but there was always something missing.
As I became older, I becoame more and more distrusting and distant from my Step Dad (who I gave the name Pops as a kid). I was so terrified my bio Dad would be mad if I…

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