My Life As A Christian Life

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I was the first Christian in my family. At the age of four, I started to go to church with my Aunt. Though by that time, I did not really understand what does salvation mean, I found I enjoy the time I spend at the church with my Sunday school teacher and friend. However, I was not saved until the age of 11. I went to public school for my primary education, and when I was at the age of 12, a year after I turned to Christ, I heard God’s calling and decided to go to a Christian school that was established by my home church. This was an easy and uneasy decision. It was easy because it just took me few days to decide, and it was uneasy because it took me 10 years to prove to my Dad, who was not a Christian, that this call was from my God. The American system I used in the Christian school is …show more content…
As a student coming from China, I experienced a cultural difference when I first came to the United Stated. When I was back home, I had my family around all the time; this made me rely more on my family instead of on God. As I left home, I was away from my family, and realized that my family could not always be with me, but God is always with me, and He saw my struggle and send lovely people towards me. No matter where I go, God prepares the way for me. From this cultural difference, I received a deeper understanding of been a Christian, and had a new understanding of my relationship with God.
When I was back in China, I served in Church as a Sunday school helper and a member of the choir. Working with kids in Sunday school brought me joy and recalled my memory of going to church as a kid. During Christmas, our youth group leader would lead us to visit homeless people, brought food and blanket to them, and share Gospel with them. Since we are been loved by God, so it is our job to share this love with others. In addition, God use those people around me to teach me and shape

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