Essay about My Life After High School

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My senior year in high school was in Charlotte North Carolina, growing up I would never have guessed that I would be graduating down south. I am originally from Buffalo New York, I moved to Abingdon Maryland around age six and then lastly to Charlotte about halfway through junior year. Moving to Charlotte was a huge transition for me in the aspect of a culture shock as well as different level of maturity. As much as I hated moving to Charlotte I am thankful because It changed a lot about me for the better. It took me moving away to see how stagnant the people around me were. As a junior in high school I did not thinking about my dream school, life after graduation or my future; just enjoying myself and the people around me but not necessarily developing. My father was educated in nursing through the army, and my mother graduated from a nursing program the same year I graduated high school. My parents told me to go to college but did not provide more information beyond that. When I moved to charlotte the students were interested in following peers and family legends with going to the their first choice college. I did not have athletic skill or a passion for a specific subject, I then decided to surf popular surrounding colleges and seen what kind of undergraduate degrees each school had to offer. Political science seemed like an interesting kind career path, I could see myself excelling in that field with my personality, as well as being happy the payrate…

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