My Letter From Philadelphia University Essay

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Heck, That’ll Do As I sit in class, the teacher 's words pierce my ears making them seem as if they are bleeding. I gnaw on the end of my pencil to pass the time and ease my anxiety to leave this class. All I’ve been thinking about for the past few month is the word every senior hates, college. All my friends are accepted into the colleges of their dreams, so why aren’t I? It seems like eons have passed since I finalized my college applications.
Waiting there hoping class will end soon, I decide to pull out my phone and proceed to scroll through the latest Twitter feed. While I continue to scroll through I see several posts of my fellow peers announcing their acceptance into colleges. I’ve been waiting months to receive my letter back from Philadelphia University, my dream college, but it seems as if they have left me in the, rotting alone. Philadelphia University has been a dream of mine ever since sophomore year, attending school there fulfill the dreams of my hopefully exciting future. I stare at the clock and it appears in my mind that it has frozen, and the only thing continuing to move is my teacher’s irritating mouth. Then, my phone vibrates, it seems as if it hit play on the world and everything around me started moving again. I slowly pick up my phone and turn it face up. I read the notification, it a text from my mother, Heather. Heather rarely texts me during school, so I am a bit apprehensive to open the message. I unlock my phone slow as ever like…

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