Essay on My Lesson At Lohr Elementary Classroom

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This episode was taught in Mrs. Frase Kindergarten classroom at Lohr elementary in the Perry local school district. I taught this lesson on Thursday, 11 2016. The lesson I taught was a math lesson that pertained to the idea of one less. The students have already been taught the concept of one more, adding one, but this is their first experience with the one less or taking one away idea. There was a total of 19 students in the class on the day I taught my lesson. The total class size is 20 but one student was sick on the day I taught my lesson. One student is sitting off to the side with Mrs. Frase, this student achieves at a much higher level when an adult is sitting with him and helping to keep him focused as he works. My lesson was taught right after gym class, and directly preceding lunch. My clip comes from the beginning of my lesson and last about 12 minutes. I finished my lesson with an assessment form a math work book.
I began by asking the students to show me five fingers on their hands asking them what one more than five was. I had them hold up one more finger each time to show one more. I then asked the students to find one less as I increased the numbers from five to six, to seven until I reached the cardinal number 10. I then started at four and asked the student what one less than four was. I was having the students show the numbers on their fingers, putting one finger down when working to find one less than. After using their fingers, I began to show the…

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