Essay On Philosophy Of Leadership

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Life often presents many opportunities for leadership to arise, and indeed leadership is a trait I believe to be inherent in every person. These opportunities can present themselves in a variety of ways, and while leadership conjures up a positive image, motivations and goals might not necessarily be good-natured. Leadership is not something I aspired for, but rather something developed over time ads these opportunities continually appeared. Often times, it was the people I was around that pushed me into such positions as they repeatedly looked to me for leadership, and also because I knew how to work with conflicting personalities in order to accomplish a goal. By valuing the teams I worked in the sense of Transformational leadership, I unknowingly …show more content…
In such a class where leadership is a core value recognized in each classmate, I often feel the desire for everyone to succeed reflected in each and every persona’s eyes. An activity that really resonated in me, and with my philosophy of leadership, was the True Colors activity. My own personal color, green, fit me exactly, but looking around the room at the wide variety of colors spread around, I realized how often it must happen where there isn’t a good mix of colors despite the necessity for them to work together. It moved me to reflect on my past leadership experiences in high school and in college so far, and change my view on those I had trouble working with. Then, I’d just written some people off as unmotivated and uncaring, but I now see that they might have felt blinded by an overpowering of colors. In this context, I thought of paintings, and how every masterpiece intertwines colors seamlessly because of a core leader, the artist. With this, a masterpiece wouldn’t be what it is without every individual color there, no matter how sparingly one is used. In Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting, the blue and black are much more present than the yellow, but the night would be incomplete with the stars and moon to light it

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