Philosophies Of Leadership Essay

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Leadership refers to that ability to guide, direct, control, manage and supervise a group of people or an organization. School administrators ought to possess the leadership skills to be able to lead effectively. I believe leadership should not just be about influencing others towards the attainment of goals, but it should entail the ability to lead effectively. My leadership philosophy demonstrates the qualities and ideals that I equate with leadership from an educational administrator’s point of view. I am passionate about seeing the school administrators with the best leadership skills. Here is a summary of my leadership philosophy
My beliefs about leadership
I believe leadership is all about getting other people motivated enough to follow a leaders/organization goals or the goals set for the institution. A school administrator should be able to support and guide the teachers,
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Often times a leader is expected to set an example for the others. An open minded leader is more than willing to help and guide others at any given time. An adaptable and an open minded leader will be able to eliminate the negative attitude and instead instill a positive attitude in the organization. Similarly, the elements of adaptability and open mindedness will maintain a good working environment which will play an integral role in the achievement of positive results in an organization.
Fourth, a successful leader should be responsible and motivated. An effective leader takes full responsibility of their actions and readily accept corrections. In the event of an achievement the leader will take the responsibility of praising everyone for the success. Speaking of the responsibility, a successful leader will focus on the solution in the event there is a problem. A motivated leader will be able to boost the employee morale, which will see them do whatever it takes to attain the organization

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