Reflective Essay: My Participation In The Classroom

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During my time in high school I tried hard to be a leader in both the classroom and the locker room but it was always shown more throughout my participation in athletics. I always volunteered for helping out in tournaments held at our school or in grade 12 my leadership was noticed and I was picked to be a “Trojan in Black”. This was a small hand picked group of senior students that were chosen to represent the school for newcomers coming into our high school. We were required to host BBQ’s for Grade 9 orientations and show new students where everything was in the school. There were also leadership workshops held for the “Trojans in Black” where we could learn and brainstorm new ways to better everyone’s overall experience in high school and …show more content…
I volunteered to be an ambassador for a team when OFSAA boys’ soccer was hosted in North Bay in 2012 and 2013. I was required to show the team around the city, be at every game with the team and assist them with anything that they needed. Assisting them could have consisted of making them reservations at a restaurant of their choosing, helping them with an injured player (getting ice, or a medic) or simply showing them places to do fun activities through out the city. When this event was being held I was also required to help out wherever was needed; such as scorekeeping, results table, or merchandise table.
This event was held twice while I was in high school and each time I was a volunteer. There was a lot of time put into setting up these events, there was about 3 days of work getting the fields organized, getting all the score tables and clocks ready and also getting all the different stations set up. Those 3 days setting everything up took about 6 hours each and then the other 3 days of being an ambassador was a minimum of 9 hours each day because you were at the teams every call if they ever needed
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It was small volunteering roles back then such as score keeping after school every day. Then in grade 8 I was awarded the “Student Who Makes A Difference” award by the staff members at my middle school. I was awarded this because of my ongoing positive attitude and outgoing nature and was also an active participant who encouraged other learners to reach their full potential in both school and the community. I was also recognized for my active participation in the school and community by being the chosen female to go to a summer camp called OELC, which stands for “Ontario Educational Leadership Centre”. This was a camp where potential leaders were picked out of their high schools all across Ontario and were sent to OELC for a week. Here you learned how to become more of a leader through workshops and being forced out of your comfort zone to work with individuals whom you have never met. This was the greatest leadership experience of my life so far because it made see sides of me I never knew existed which made me who I am today. Being recognized liked that makes you realize people look up to you even though you don’t realize it, before that I never thought of myself as a leader but that experience made realize more to myself and how much potential to be a leader there was inside of

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