A Career As A Physician

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It is my belief that in order to be a well-rounded physician, or person in general, there needs to be a great deal of balance. Although this is thought to be easy, it is actually quite difficult and it takes a great deal of work in order to do so. I believe that a well-rounded physician is able to do their job efficiently, but can also take a step back and put their job aside in order to focus on other aspects of life as well; whether it be related to medicine or otherwise. By utilizing this semesters EPortfolio, I was able to have a variety of experiences that are directly related to medicine, or not related at all. I think that this is crucial in my path towards becoming a physician. Our portfolio is broken up into three different parts, …show more content…
Obviously that may change in time, so it was nice to learn about other career paths as well. I started this portfolio by attending a grand rounds held by Dr. Michael O`Donnell, who is a dermatologist in Scranton. Through his presentation I learned a great deal about what this profession requires as well as the techniques that Dr. O`Donnell uses daily to assess and remove dangers to the skin. From his presentation, I realized how many specialties there are out there and that there are several options that I have yet to explore. I was also able to attend two “Find Your Specialty” presentations. The first of which was held by Dr. Gillott. He is a surgeon in Scranton and a faculty member here at GCSOM. He discussed surgery, but he also spent a great deal of time talking about his interests outside of medicine. He strongly encouraged everyone to take time to appreciate those interests as well in order to avoid burning out at some point in our careers. I enjoyed this discussion because it is highly important to find balance and while you should enjoy your career, you need to have other interests as well. After his presentation I started to think

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