How To Be A Physician Assistant Essay

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A Career in Physician Assistant Physician Assistants , also recognized as PA’s , are similar to physicians or surgeons who supervise them in the practice of medicine . They are provide treatment , examine patients, diagnose illnesses and injuries, order and carry-out patients, prescribe medication, record progress,take medical histories, and assist with any other task that a physician does. This careers has a lot to do with medicine and that field consist of hospitals, emergency clinics, and pediatric clinics. This career really interested me when I found out that being a physician assistant also included working with children , there’s a small branch that includes working in a pediatric office and I am really interested in that. This paper …show more content…
An average day working as a physician 's assistant you practice on reviewing patient 's history, diagnostics, check up on the process of treatments, set up working area for physicians and you practice in programs to get involved . The hours of a physician 's assistant vary due to the workplace, it may include night , early ,or midnight shifts. The average total working hours are about 40 hours a week. Hourly wage for physician 's assistants is about $42.72 an hour. The average income for physician 's assistant wages from 72,000 to 90,930 , depending on the experience and the years of education . Physician assistant environment are most commonly in hospitals or clinics, including a clean place that is very sanitized and organized due to the importance of healthy measures that have to be taken. In case of any emergencies during the working hours the physician assistant refer to the surgeons or the physicians that are ahead and in charge of supervision for the assistants. Any appointments to set up are easily consulted to the physicians secretaries or the medical receptionist, who are below the physician 's assistant position. Receptionist also schedule the vacation time that is offered for the physician 's assistance which is one week paid CMED , and three weeks paid PTO. The retirement plans vary depending on the physician 's assistant personal life and all planning ahead of

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