Meaningful Impact: My Brother

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Meaningful Impact
What is an Idol? By definition an idol is a person or thing that is greatly loved, admired, or revered. This definition fits my brother very well, and through my admiration of his qualities he has had the greatest effect on me. I always wanted to possess his positive characteristics, and live up to my perceived image of him. He has been with me for my whole life and through that time he has tried to improve the person I was, and turn me into a much healthier individual physically, and mentally. Though my brother has been a very influential positive force, and an angry and aggressive one he has made fully shaped the person I am both beneficially, and injuriously.
It is very important for a person of any age to have someone
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He is always trying a new sport or doing something new, but he could never stick with it except working out in general. He was exceptional at every sport he did, and with each sport he took a certain level of physical expertise. He read all the time and studied scrupulously the things he was interested in, which made him a very qualified person to ask questions. I remember a positive experience I had with my brother when he and I were walking on a golf court talking about life. He was talking about how beautiful the world was and also how much he values me as a brother. This was a very positive experience and taught me much about life as well as improved my view of myself. He always wanted me to follow in his physical image and though I never quite did, he made me a much healthier individual. My brother has a great sense of humor, which I credit for inspiring my own sense of humor. He has had an exceedingly advantageous effect on my well being and character as a …show more content…
My brother first off was very aggressive, and short tempered this lead to a lot of fights over pretty insignificant matters. The specific instance of his anger that comes to mind is a time when he and my mom were having a fight. He has a lot of repressed anger with my mother and this caused him to explode with aggression. He was screaming at her right in her face, he threw a glass at the wall it shattered, and he punched multiple holes in the door this was when I realized his anger could be out of control. Though he wanted me to be very healthy physically, he also was very critical and often times could say degrading remarks towards me. Another negative quality he had was that he could be very manipulative and use that manipulation in order to win arguments. Most of these negatives though could be chopped up to some banal bickering, and fighting between siblings, but I do still think these are qualities that have had a negative effect on me.
Overall I think that having a role model, or idol is incredibly important in establishing one's character and giving someone goals to achieve. I know that I am very fortunate to have a role model like my brother who taught me about life, and cared for my well being. Even though my brother had issues with anger, and aggression I know that he had more of a positive impact on me than a negative

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