Jenny Hurtado Research Paper


My parent’s names are Charles and Jenny Hurtado. I am Annina Hurtado, the 7th of ten children in our family. My sibling’s names from oldest to youngest are Joseph, Jenny, Leticia, Carlos, Herlinda, Mary, Annina, Lupe, Anthony and Johnny. My father, a hard working man that was able to support my nine siblings and myself, as a maintenance engineer who retired after 25 years with the school district, with only an 8th grade education. He also took a second maintenance job at a large, white Presbyterian church located in an older Victorian style residential subdivision in our community. With my dad working two jobs, we rarely saw him and one of my best memories, I can still remember him waking all of us up on a cold early Saturday
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While growing up I shared one room with my sister’s. Jenny and Leticia shared a queen size bed, Herlinda slept on the upper bunk, Mary and I slept on the bottom bunk and Lupe had a white wooden baby crib. Memories of my sisters, Jenny and Leticia sleeping together on the queen size bed, on occasion they would have Herlinda huddle between the sheets with them and begin their girl talk thru the hours of the night. Mary and I could hear them whisper their secrets, while hoping we would not hear a word, but we did. I can also recall sleeping on opposite sides of the bed with Mary, with her toes hitting my face as we slept, which lead to both of us poking at each other until someone cried and a fight would emerge. Of course, my frustrated mother would come into the bedroom to make the peace to calm us down, say a prayer of strength and kiss us good night. These memories we faced growing up, having to share a room with all the different personalities in each of us. Growing up in a household of sisters had been fun, exciting and it brought happiness into our lives that helped create memories with an everlasting sister …show more content…
My brothers bond was different because of the years between them, 20 years to be exact. My brother Joseph is the eldest of ten siblings, Carlos is the 4th, Anthony the 9th and the youngest is Johnny. Thinking of each brother and how different they are from one another makes me chuckle at the memories that I can still recall. Joseph practicing daily to master his skills of Karate and pretending he was the next Bruce Lee, Carlos was constantly singing his songs in the shower or around the house using a fake microphone, Anthony was a quiet kid and kept to himself most of the time. But as a teenager, he fell in love with music and started to collect, record albums for a hobby and became a small town DJ for his friends, they nicked named him, “DJ Toneloc”. Johnny is the “baby” of the Hurtado family, In spite of all his siblings loving, spoiling and telling him what to do. He has shown his own personal strengths and character with his love for wrestling, when he started at the age of four years old and continued throughout his college years. He currently volunteers as a wrestling coach for the local youth in his community. My brothers have an age barrier and personalities that are different in every which way, but their love and bond to one another is

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