My Identity And Background Have Always Been Difficult Concepts For Me

1597 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
My identity and background have always been difficult concepts for me to accept because I wasn 't allowed to talk about them for sixteen years and even now it’s hard for me to to talk about it or even collect my emotions onto a page. Normally, children understand themselves, to a certain point, and allow themselves to freely develop until they’re adults, but for more than one reason that process never felt natural to me. My mother grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia, and along with the poverty came the disadvantages of a corrupt and internally dysfunctional government. My mom differed from her siblings- she didn’t want to just marry and immediately have children, and she certainly didn’t want to be sold into marriage like so many others in my family. Instead, she found that an education could help her follow her dreams, so she worked to graduate at the top of her class in secondary school and attended one of the most prestigious universities in South America- La Universidad Nacional de Colombia. During her time there, the Marxist terrorist organization, FARC, made a habit of planting bombs within the city, and she never knew whether or not she would make it back home from school alive. She boarded a plane without any family or any American connections and with only a basic understanding of the language. Unfortunately, my mother’s application for a green card was rejected and the path to citizenship seemed so far away, so she overstayed her visa and…

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