Is It Good At Soccer?

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There isn’t one thing in particular that I regret doing or not doing. It’s simply my reluctance to go take more risks and go through it, whatever that it may be. And that may seem like a silly thing to say, but in fact, it is true.
I always wanted to become really good at soccer, which led my parents to put me into a soccer club. I was decent, even good in some aspects, but I never actually practiced or took the training as seriously as the other kids. I was just floating from one training to the other, and the next game to the next. After a little of time, the coach started me in all the games and I was getting much better but it never materialized because either I got bored, a new game came out for PS2, or I just wanted to do something else.
To a certain extent, the same thing happened when my parents said I need to take piano lesions. After two lessons, all hope was lost because I refused to learn all the notes. C, D, E, F….uck this. So my parents began to take a different approach, they asked me what instrument I wanted to learn. I picked drums (and not because it was easy to carry around). I took lessons at a music school nearby, which was fun but after playing the same combination or beat a million times, even that spiraled into a deep abyss. So my parents both me a shiny new drum set with the help of my second teacher who really inspired me to play and practice. I was inspired, and that lasted for a good while. But soon, we moved to New Jersey and lessons were every

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