Importance Of Sports In Sports

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Since I was a child, I was watching many soccer games on TV or sometimes I went to my older brother to the soccer fields in my town and I saw many professional players there. I was watching so many soccer games, but I could not play. I was hoping to become a good soccer player like the players I saw on TV or in the fields, but no one encouraged me to play soccer because I was a child and they thought I cannot play soccer because my body was too small. Moreover, some schools in my city did not focus on talents; for example, in United States I noticed that the schools care about students who have talents and encourage them. Some students like to play basketball, the schools help them to practice their talents under the supervision of specialist …show more content…
They made me thinking to be like what my father said that I can do it because with insistence we can do the impossible things. I was loving soccer, so I could be a good player, that what I said to myself. I started to play soccer every day. I watched soccer games and I saw how the best players maneuvered and juggled the ball, and I tried to practice those skills. I learned many soccer skills those can improve me as a soccer player. When I went to the sixth grade, which is the last grade at the elementary school, my math teacher became the director of my school and he hired a soccer coach for my school’s team. The coach was watching use while we played during the physical classes. In the same year our coach decided to play in the elementary school’s championship, and he chose 15 students who play soccer well, and I was one of them. I said to myself this is my opportunity to show not just my teacher but all people who thought that I could not play. The coach and my teammates encouraged me a lot and they let me to become the team captain. I played the last championship with my elementary school and our team won and I got the top score. This time I did not go to my home by walking, but I went with the director in his own car. Being the top scorer was not something I planned to accomplish. I simply wanted to help the team win the championship and after that, I became motivated to play more score and develop my

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