My Home Has Defined Me Essay

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How My Home Has Defined Me Home can be defined as the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family. For some, it may be a place where they spend majority of their time or a place where they feel the most comfortable being themselves. For me, home is defined as my hometown and all the memories that have been made there. These memories have shaped me into the man I am today. My hometown taught me valuable friendship lessons, fostered my competitive nature, and helped me endure the pain of death at a young age. My hometown of Catasauqua is a small town located in the Lehigh Valley. I moved there when I was about a year old and stayed there until I was seventeen years old. I learned most of my life lessons there. The first few things I learned were things every child usually learns: how to read and write, how to do basic math, how to ride a bike, the importance of school as well as how to interact with people successfully. My younger brother struggled with interacting with people, so I made it a point to learn this skill and it became my asset throughout my academic career. I began my schooling at Sheckler Elementary School. Since Catasauqua is a small with three schools, we all knew each other. I aimed to do my best in school as it was part of my competitive nature as well as my personal hunger for knowledge. As a kid, I would ask my father how something worked and he would explain it to me. Then, I would ask again a couple weeks later. He would…

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