Home Is Home Essay

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I woke up to the aroma of fluffy pancakes as the smell of the buttery, crispy edges entered my nostrils and filled me up. My feet soon began to shake, and suddenly I found myself sitting on my bed. As I stood up the perfume of the salty, toasty, bacon strips lead me down the hall as if revealing to me the wonders of the kitchen. Once at the entrance, the chatter of my great aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins all came together as an annoying siren in my ear. The voices extremely loud and obnoxious. “can you pass me this,” “I want some of that,” “can you leave some for the rest,” “you already ate two times,” and “we asked you how much you wanted for a reason.” A quick glance at the kitchen and suddenly I was transported to a buffet restaurant …show more content…
If you ask any individual what is home to them, you will hear many different answers because at the end of the day home is based upon one 's opinion on it. Some individuals do not even think home has a positive outcome. Many consider home to be a social group they belong to, for example, baseball , basketball , tennis , soccer, and swimming. Others consider home to be religion, culture, and even their homelands. For me, home is that place with which I can identify myself with, where I can feel safe and have a real and genuine connection with our peers and family members. We all need to feel secure, feel comfortable where we can just be ourselves and not worry about anyone judging me for how we choose to live , look or even dress. You know you are home when you feel comfortable doing whatever makes you feel happy. I am most comfortable with being around multiple family members that support me and care for me. This definition of home is important to me because it helps me to know that there is someone out there to help me succeed in my future and will help me be accountable for my mistakes in life. Others might have a different definition of home and that 's okay because home is where we can feel you are being supported as well as cared

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