My Holiday Essay

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“Well if that is what you really want,” I shouted at my friend and walk quickly through then slam the door. There were supposed to be nothing happen. We were still talling like we used to be. I have already spent one fine year with him. I thought this is just going to be another fine term, but I was wrong. Maybe our days has come to an end. The sun hang in the sky, the air was so dry like all the steam has disappeared. I dragged my luggage walked along the street, no other people on the street, my clothes were all wet and my head was keeping sweating like a waterfall. Today is the last day of my holiday. I need to find my new teacher and new dorm. As I thought about all the things I need to finish my body became heavier and my speed decreased …show more content…
After I met my new teacher I returned to my new dorm with Tim. Along the way to the dorm Tim told me what he did during the holiday, he said he met a lot of cool guys who knows a lot of news about fashion; they showed him how to spend money and taught him what fashion is, he hung out with these people almost every day. As we were talking about our holiday I felt the temperature is cooling down, I could feel the wind softly touched my face and my head stop sweat so much, it is really nice to talk with old friend even though I felt something was different with Tim. I tried to smile while Tim talking about how many things he bought during the holiday. When I entered Tim’s room I saw a lot of expensive clothes from famous band on his bed. As Tim went in the room I begin to organize my stuff. “I threw all my old clothes away they make me look kind of stupid.” I was a bit surprised by what he said. Last year Tim never throw any clothes even they were full of holes. When I opened my luggage Tim saw all my old clothes. “Man you really like collect old stuff do you?” Tim laughed at me.
“Well at least I don’t spend money on something I don’t really

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