My High School Science Course Essay

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My high school science courses intrigued my desire to pursue Pre-med in college and the courses offered at University of Cincinnati furthermore solidified my interest to continue in this field. I took an interest in learning the human body, how it function, diseases, disorders and etc. I desire was to obtain a undergraduate degree as a Pre-Med student. However, after a year passed at University of Cincinnati, I had a change of heart. I notice that I can still be involved with art of science but less time and less money to commit myself with. So, I decide to pursue a bachelor of nursing. However, it took me by supervise, the course work was hard and very time consuming. While pursuing my nursing degree, I was told by my uncle that is wise and knowledgeable to consider some business classes. Within my undergraduate degree, I was able to graduate with bachelor of nursing and minor in healthcare administration December 2014.
Throughout my work experience in healthcare, I have encountered many job duties from, nursing assistance, unit clerk, laboratory technician, nursing to accountant. I had the ability to observe how doctors, nurses, social workers and medial teams shaped and improved each individual. I am interested in learning and obtaining a better understanding of how various disease factors affect individuals. As a part of my undergraduate work, I conducted an independent research project examining the pathophysiology and pharmacology as possible factors that…

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