My Greatest Weaknesses From The Year English Essay

1426 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
In the beginning of the year English was one of my greatest weaknesses from essays to synthesis quizzes and from reading to actually understanding the texts I never was able to quite grasp the concepts of the course objectives. However, as the semester progressed I continuously learned new things that helped me to better grasp the course objectives and improve both, my english skills such as annotating the text, using they say I say, and quote sandwich along with learning new concepts that relate to my life such as “growth mindset”. Now that I have learned these new skills and strategies in this english course I feel that I am ready to take English 68. Starting this semester off my essays were one of my greatest weaknesses as they lacked textual evidence, analysis, and many of the major components that go into what is considered a “good” essay that flows together. An example of one of these weak essays is the first essay that I turned in titled, Is the Effort Really Worth It, in this essay it was strong in terms of being my first college level english essay as I was able to get my ideas down on paper and manage to get them to make sense. However, in the essay I made some common mistakes such as using second person point of view throughout. An example of this is where I stated, “If you, as the reader, think about it, neither of these two events would have ever taken place if it weren’t for hard work and determination.” By using second person point of view it creates a biased…

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