Essay on My Greatest Accomplishment Of Success

749 Words Jul 23rd, 2015 3 Pages
Remember finishing that project at two in the morning? That feeling of relief while looking at your finished product? How about the proud feeling you felt? In some form, that is my college dream. To feel that proud and relieving moment of what I’ve accomplished. But before that feeling, there is always going to be a process that leads you to that moment. College is a great place to start achieving great things. From picking your dorm room to the major you want, will require some steps. Through a pathway, one may progress into success. One cannot understand success without appreciating the process of one’s growth. Art, advertising, internship, travel, and art director; these steps are my stepping stone to communicate with the world. My greatest accomplishment of success is to become an art director. Through learning and bettering my skills, is part of advancing to success. I must learn the basics of art to understand other complicated ones. By taking traditional studio art courses, it will help me understand how simple still life objects to the complex human body works, and with hope I’ll transfer those skills onto new medium such as digital media. With the help of those traditional foundations, I hope to become a better artist in the new medium. I’ve selected graphic design as my concentration. I will be able to transition my acquired skills and be able to observe and compose compositions for lettering, being able to design new formats and templates, and to share and…

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