My Grandmother - Original Writing Essay

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When my grandfather passed away in 2008, everything changed. However, it wasn’t the actual passing of my grandpa that impacted me the most; it was the influence it had on my grandmother. My grandfather had Parkinson’s disease, and his last few years were very difficult. It got to the point where my grandmother was unable to care for him in their home, so he stayed in a nursing home for a while. When his days became more and more numbered, we decided to bring him home so he could be in a nice, familiar environment when he did pass. My grandma hired a wonderfully compassionate woman named Jenna to help her care for her husband. Day in and day out, my grandma took care of him. He was her everything. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t use the restroom or bathe himself, and he couldn’t feed himself either; he needed her too. Of course, he had good and bad days, but he needed assistance in everything, and my grandma was always there. The day came when he did pass away. My grandfather was a man of great faith, so I know he is in Heaven where there is no more pain and the joy is overwhelming. A funeral was held, we said our goodbyes, we mourned, and we pressed on. Now the man who filled every day of my grandmother’s life was no longer here, and her days were suddenly empty.
At first it wasn’t that bad. My grandma still went to the store, got her hair done, went to doctor appointments, and made herself meals. Yet, over the last few years, her health has drastically declined, and she seems…

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