My Goals For Children 's School Essay

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As a teacher your first contact with parents and guardians will set the stage for communication the rest of the school year. It is important to connect with parents and to build a positive relationship with them in the beginning of the school year. As teachers, we know that children do better in school when parents are involved in their children 's school. Prior to the first day of school, I will make home visits with each parent or guardian. If the parent doesn’t feel safe prior to me making a home visit, I will send a friendly letter or email out to parents to present myself and my class. I will share something about myself such as where I grew up, my education level, my family and my educational philosophy as well as some of my goals for the year.
Some of the other information I will discuss with parents will be the expectations that I will have for them throughout the year: Daily schedule, field trips, remedial help, special programs, a list of school supplies, needed fundraiser and the school’s reading curriculum. I will also ask the parents questions such as, does your child have any pets at home? If so what are all their names? If the students have any additional brothers and sisters? What does your child like to do outside of school? I will also encourage the parents to volunteer as much as possible during the year and I’m receptive to any suggestions they might have for any trips or events. Successful schools begin by engaging students and making sure they come to…

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