My Goals For An Incoming College Freshman Essay

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As an incoming college freshman, I was very nervous with how I was going to handle school, soccer, and settling in to a completely new environment from home. I realized how difficult this can be for many new college students, and to try and avoid the struggles I may face, I set goals to help motivate me through these obstacles. My personal and professional goals for this school year are highly achievable, as long as I work hard and put in the effort needed. With the help of Marywood’s mission statement and core values, I believe I will be able to reach my goals this year. In the beginning of the fall semester, I set an easier personal goal to attain by the end of it. My goal is to pass this semester as it is my first semester as a college student. In order to do this, I will have to study for my classes more than I ever have in high school, attend class, work hard, and just simply focus on my assignments due. Aside from my school work, I have a lot to balance with school and soccer, which I believe I will benefit from because I will be able to manage my time. Looking further, my long term and professional goal, is to graduate Marywood in four to five years with a degree from the architecture program. Studying architecture is something that is very new to me, but I find myself to be very interested in it. I think with the hard work I put in, and everything I learn from here on out, I will be able to achieve my biggest goal as a college student.
Along with my personal…

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