Essay about My Goal Of Losing Weight Through The Superbetter

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For my Choice Paper I decided to do the SuperBetter Activity. I have never seen anything like this before, so it was a brand new, slightly challenging experience for me. For my challenge, I set a goal of losing weight through the SuperBetter. I set my goal and realized slightly after starting that it was a little bit of a big goal. I said I would like to lose 10 lbs. I was thinking that using SuperBetter would get me in the right mindset and mentally give me the encouragement to achieve this goal. After a couple days of playing I thought that it would help me calm down and realize that I do have the power to lose the weight if I want to. I approached it as a mind over matter situation, and if I could get my mind in the proper place, then I would be able to do anything I wanted to, like achieving this goal that I set for myself.
The two most common and my two favorite power-ups were the Chug a Glass of Water and Got a Block? Walk around it! These two were done every day at least once. It is something that is so simple, it could not be passed up. I tried to drink a glass of water right when I woke up and right before I would eat dinner. After a week of doing this, I would tell a difference in my mood and my energy level. Taking a walk around the block also made a difference in my energy level. Walking around my block too maybe 10 minutes’ maximum. I did it every day and really started enjoying my time that I could get away from everything. I am in 19 hours this semester, and…

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