My Goal For The Semester Project Essay

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My goal for the semester project is to take at least 10,000 steps per day to help boost my exercising and also to record everything I eat and drink after each meal. I chose 10,000 steps because that is about five miles, which is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise. So, if I was to achieve this goal then I would be doing the recommended moderate exercising of 150 minutes per week. Which, I thought was an ideal goal for me to start with to help motivate me to incorporate some exercise on a daily basis. I also wanted to keep track of everything I consumed because it will help me know what kinds of foods I am eating on a daily. Whether if it is healthy or unhealthy foods, I wanted it to be conscious. I also recorded how much water/other drinks I intake on a daily to help me keep track of how much I am drinking every day. Although, I did not set an actual weight goal, I wanted to see if I can lose any weight with this routine. So, I chose this goal to see if my motivation for possibly exercising more would increase and be more aware of what I intake to my body.
Integration of terms and concepts Some of the terms and concepts that I integrated into my project was journaling, time management, and breathing techniques. I used journaling to keep track of my daily steps that I take and the foods and drinks that I consumed into my body. I also used journaling to keep track of my thoughts that I have for that day when I am writing down my data. For instance, I would reflect back on…

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