Usain Bolt Case Study

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Could You…? Math Inquiry

Could you run 0.8 kilometres in one minute?

The fastest 100m sprint speed record is held by Usain Bolt , reaching the speed of 43.94 kph. 0.8 km is 800 meters. For you to run 800 meters in 1 minute you would need to reach the speed of Usain bolt speed: 43.94 x 800m= 35152 m/s. Though human endurance comes into play as well, as a person cannot run their top speed for more than 8 seconds. Usain Bolt was able to keep 95% of his top speed for 8 seconds during his 100 m sprint, nowhere close to a minute. As Usain Bolt took 9.65 seconds to clear 100 meters, if we want to find out how long it would take him to clear 800 meters, we would need to do 9.65x8= 77.04 seconds, 17.04 seconds more than a minute. He has
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For the average, I say that the average person walks 2,000 steps a day. 2,000 steps is about a mile= 1.6 km. The calculation I will have to do first is see how many steps a person takes in a year. So, 365x2,000= 730,000 steps a year. The life expectancy for the birth of the global population in 2012 is 70 years. Since a child starts to walk around 2,000 steps at the age of 10, we need to do 365x60= 21,900 days. Now, we need to do 21,900x2,000= 43800000 steps in a lifetime. We know that 2,000 steps is 1.6 km. The final calculation is 43800000/2,000x1.6= 35,040 kilometres walked in your lifetime from 10 years after your birth. In conclusion, no, it is not possible to walk 200,000 km in your lifetime, we only walk …show more content…
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