Essay On Cryoprotection

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Register to read the introduction… Since most of the human body is made of water and by lowering the body below the freezing point of water will result in massive ice formation. Cryonic facilities can’t simply put patients into a vat of liquid nitrogen because their cells would freeze and simply shatter. Because of this reason, patients are protected from ice damage by using a mixture or agent (sort of a human antifreeze) to reduce, or even eliminate, ice formation. Conventional bypass technologies are used to circulate the solution throughout the body. When enough water is replaced with the agent, the patient is maintained at cryogenic temperatures for long-term care. An alternative to conventional cryoprotection is vitrification. Vitrification (deep cooling without freezing) offers the prospect of cooling an organ to cryogenic temperatures without ice formation putting the cells into a state of suspended animation. Vitrification requires extremely high cooling rates; however, these cooing rates can be largely reduced if high concentrations of cryoprotective agents and ice blockers are added. These ice blockers are synthetic variants of naturally occurring anti-freeze proteins used by hibernating animals to protect themselves from freezing injury. The solution that is introduced includes molecules to prevent cell swelling, support metabolism, maintain …show more content…
Cryonics is dependent upon unknown future science. Just because cryonics patients cannot be revived with current technology is not proof that they cannot be revived with future technology. As of 2010, there were over 200 people in cryonics storage all in the U.S. or Russia. Most are evenly split between Alcor ( and the Cryonics Institute ( One of many questions is will revived cryonics patients be the same person. Because all memories, feelings, and sense of personhood is the result of the brain and its operations, then an accurate restoration of the brain should result in an accurate restoration of those memories, feelings, and sense of personhood. British Columbia is the only State or Providence known to cryonicists to have a law against cryonics (Best, …show more content…
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