Twenty Lessons For Weight Loss Success

In today’s society, numerous people wish to lose weight fast. Thus, people tend to start diets that decrease serving sizes and exploit physical activity. This method of losing weight is thought as the only track to losing weight, however, there is a healthier and safe route to lose weight. The foremost method of losing weight safely is to decrease calorie intake, maintain a journal, and increase physical activity. Losing weight is a tedious process and diet is a major aspect of it. Commencing a diet does not signify reducing eating rations, instead, calories are decreased of every meal with healthier ingredients than the original ones. Reducing calorie intake is a key point to losing weight and will bring beneficial results.
Losing weight
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It becomes difficult to keep track of all the information, but maintaining a journal will smooth the process. One must keep in mind that in order to change one’s diet, seeking out poor eating habits is important, thus a method such as a journal will aid in the process. In Twenty Lessons for Weight Loss Success, the author says, “Before changing your eating, you should become aware of your eating patterns” (SUNY Upstate Medical University 3). Take record of what is consumed in every meal. This step is crucial when lowering calories is compromised by disabilities. This method lowers the amount of calories consumed by eliminating lousy eating habits instead of calories in normal meals. Another method of searching for poor eating habits is to make a social table. A social table is a chart where one writes if there have been others around when eating. “Eric 's Social Table shows that he ate with others about 90% of the time. In fact, breakfast was the only meal he ate alone. Eric realized that he frequently ate because others were eating” (SUNY Upstate Medical University 4). This method decreases over eating due to social situations, lowering the amount of calories consumed in a day. To keep track, the journal will have the charts inside of it. It will become effortless to find means of minimizing calories in a diet. However, decreasing the amount of calories in a diet and maintaining …show more content…
Losing weight through exercise is a laborious method, in fact “To lose a single pound, you need to burn approximately 3,500 calories” (Harvard Health Publication: Harvard Medical School 1). However, it can deliver astonishing benefits. As stated in Tips to help you Reach your Exercise and Weight Loss Goals, regular exercise offers benefits beyond calorie burning. In addition, some studies suggest exercise preferentially targets abdominal fat, which plays a role in hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes (Harvard Health Publication: Harvard Medical School 1). Exercise will help with burning calories and losing fat. Furthermore, working out aids in preventing diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Contemplate that amount of exercise needed to lose weight depends on each individual, but one thing is explicit, “Whether you are healthy or have medical issues, moderate activity is safe for most people and does plenty to improve your health” (Harvard Health Publication: Harvard Medical School 2). If meet with medical setbacks, start with light exercise levels and is possible, work up to vigorous levels. This method may sound simple, however, it is the most demanding step. Its results happen gradually, thus, one cannot see progress soon. In addition, cutting calories out of a diet is strenuous, but doing physical activity drains more energy from one’s

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