My Friend Alejandra Is An Immigrant From Mexico Essay

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My friend Alejandra was born in the U.S. and her mom is an immigrant from Mexico.
Alejandra 's mom is a single mom who worked hard for her daughter to be able to graduate and have a better future job. She had planned on going to college and majoring in business but was not sure what specifically. Her college tuition was $4,500.89 which wasn 't a big problem because she had her mom helping her pay and she worked at a job. Her typical college every day schedule was school, work, homework, and repeat. Her college offered her a monthly payment which she can pay in small amounts every month until she starts her registration for her next semester classes. Everything was going well, she made her monthly payments, but one day she found out her tuition went up. It had changed to about $15,000, it was a big amount that it was so impossible for her to be able to pay that to her college. Alejandra started to get worried and told me about it. Education and having a degree was very important to her and didn 't want to make the choice to transfer to a community college even though it would be much cheaper for her to pay. There was no way Alejandra could pay her college $15,000 in less than 4 months, her job didn 't pay that much and her mom didn 't have a good job to earn a lot of money. Alejandra had to make a decision on what was best for her.
Her first option was drop out to save enough money and then come back to school when she had enough money to pay her tuition. Her second option…

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