My First Year Of Playing Water Polo Team Essay

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The sun was just beginning to rise as I woke up early Saturday morning. In a couple of hours, my team would be playing our second game against Waiakea High School. Winning this game meant that the Konawaena girls Water Polo team would be put into fourth place in the playoffs, which was in 20 days. I had confidence in my team that we would be able to perform well and I knew that because of our hard work and dedication during practice, it would prepare us for a successful game. My first year of playing Water polo so far has been a great experience and I was more than excited to be able to participate. Being in this game would allow me to test the new skills I have acquired as well as help me learn new things along the way. I pulled my duffle bag onto my bed, double-checking that I had all of my belongings. My towel, goggles, caps, suit, hydro flask, and an extra set of clothes were all placed neatly inside. I hurried into the car and my mother drove us to the KCAC public pool in Kailua. During the car ride, my mother had asked me how I was feeling about playing today. “I’m not as nervous as I was yesterday,” I replied with a laugh, “I know we can win this game. We’ve done it before.” It was around 9 when we arrived at the pool, giving us less than 2 hours to prepare before the start of the game. I quickly changed into my game suit and waited until our coaches instructed us to begin our warm-up. Before the start of every game, we would sit in a circle and…

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