My First Year Of Community College Essay examples

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There are certainly many events that happen in my life that were significant and helped me become a better person. There is one of these events that particularly stands out and had the greatest impact in my life. In my early years, while attending high school, my focus was never on the academics, but rather skipping classes, going out and having fun with my girlfriends. I hardly paid attention in class and failed to complete any type of work given to me. My lack of care for high school affected me within my first year of community college. However, until one day my grandfather, the person I always looked up as my hero, passed away, my life had changed forever.
As we all know, it is extremely difficult to get into a four year college when one’s grade is below average. My situation fell into that category. I would sit in all of classes daydreaming, wandering, and trying to distract my friends by writing notes to them. I always had problems following along with the teachers, staying focused, and as a result my grades reflected it. Most four year colleges required student to have at least a cumulative G.P.A of 3.0. In my case, my G.P.A was falling below standard level, in which the options were not even there at all. My only option available was attending to the community college. Also, the majority of four year colleges mandate their students to take either the ACT’s or SAT’s and expect them to meet at a certain standard level. In my case, I signed up for the ACT’s and paid…

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