Essay My First Year Of College

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The first year of college is always a learning experience for many kids.Mine was a huge eye opener on what it is like to be independent. The transition from high school to college wasn 't exactly the easiest for me. In college you don 't have parents and attendence cordinators making sure your are in class. It 's something that you have to make a prority if you plan to suceed. One of the major things I struggled with was getting up and going to class. I have always been a pretty intelligent individual, so high school was a breeze for me. I barely had to put in effort to excel in school. When I got to Bloomington I was stuck in the habit of not completely and whole heartedly applying myself. Another difficulty I faced was due to may lack of orginization. I often found myself missing assignment due dates. I also didnt check my email reguraly, so I would many times miss updates and homework not on the syllbaus. Procrastination is another huge part that led to my not so satifactory first year. I would often find my slef waiting to that last minute to do things. Therefore, my work wasn 't always done to the best of my ability. First semster I had some trouble with BUS-K 201. I would understand the information in class then go home to do the projects and homework and find myself lost not knowing what to do. I never really used my resourses available to me or my professor 's office hours. I would a lot of times try and look up the information on the internet and figure it out…

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