Essay on My First True Love By Alex Matthew Galloway

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High schools do not prepare their scholars for the catastrophes and life lessons they have yet to discover. Each individual has his or her own struggles, and every struggle instills a momentous lesson. Throughout my phenomenal, yet disastrous, life I have learned countless lessons and encountered unbearable impediments. From losing my soul mate, my best friend, and my older brother, I have learned the most valuable lesson life goes on.
Primarily, when I was fifteen I had my first love. It was not what society called “puppy love” it was real; it was passionate. No one believed love could exist between two people of such an undeveloped age, but it did. My first true love was Alex Matthew Galloway. He was my first boyfriend and the love of my life. Alex and I dated for three sensational years spending every waking second together. The community knew us as an immaculate pair. Eventually, we let life take its course and went our separate journeys. The two of us were maturing and both aspired diverse futures. We remained companions and continually communicated. We never stopped caring for one another. He unremittingly told me he would marry me one day. One week after I saw his irresistible, loving face for the last split second he was killed in a car accident. When I was informed of his annihilation, my heart was demolished. I did not envision ever recovering from the excruciating pain I grasped in my heart. I was devastated. There were numerous unanswered questions and wretched…

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