Analysis Of First Love A Quiz

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Part I
Demonterius Dorsey
What captured my attention the most in A.E Stalling’s First Love A Quiz , was how the actual poem was written in the format of a multiple choice quiz. The first line in each stanza starts off as a phrase, and the lines that follow are in A , B , C , format. The poem itself was short, yet very vivid and vague at the same time. Before reading the first line, I already had the impression from the title that the poem would be very similar to a quiz given by grade school teachers. Normally in a quiz, the goal is to choose the right answer, while distracted by multiple wrong answers that could also be similar to the right one.
The first few lines of the stanza depict a modern day fairytale, almost as similar to a lifetime
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Metaphor is a comparison not using like or as. The Three metaphors that I find interesting and that strengthen the poem all come from one poem, “Metaphors” by Sylvia Plath. The entire poem is riddle with nine metaphors as the hints. Without one of the metaphors a reader might miss a clue that is important to the riddle. The three that I find interesting are “a melon strolling on two tendrils” (3), which I took to mean her melon shaped stomach on skinny vine like legs. The next metaphor that I found interesting in the poem is “This loaf 's big with its yeasty rising” (5). I found this one interesting because it was a clever way of saying a growing baby. The final metaphor in the poem that I found to be interesting is “Bordered the train there’s no getting off” (9). I found this one interesting because she comparing the journey to being stuck on a train once you gotten on …show more content…
One poem that I find to be complex is “America” by Claude Mckay. I find it complex because it actually takes a little thought an understanding of the time period and author to understand the poem. “Her vigor flows like rides into my blood, giving me strength erect against her hate” (5, 6) .She uses this metaphor to show how although America might be a hateful country it empowers her to keep on pushing forward. “Yet as a rebel fronts a king in state, I stand within her walls with no a shred” (8, 9). In this part of the poem she is using imagery and also metaphor. She is using imagery by painting the picture of rebels who are known to go strongly against the king when dissatisfied, even at times resulting in violence but she doesn’t have any fear in regards to the matter. She uses Metaphor when comparing herself to not being like a rebel who fronts a king in state. These elements are used to paint a picture of America and how some during that time period might have

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