Essay on My First Semester Of College

1173 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Reflective Essay The first semester of college has been a giant, emotional roller coaster. Roughly 15 weeks of constant work and a short break does not constitute a healthy student. English has especially been one of my most work-heavy classes. I would say that English 101 has been a very eye-opening academic experience. I have learned to formulate my writings to flow at a more advanced level than high school. I have developed strong opinions on the class, but I would say it has taught me much more than I expected. This is a reflection on the assignments in the class I made an accomplishment on. The projects I ended up feeling were my most successful in the class and achieved each of the student learning outcomes. I will include one item that I feel could have been done better than what it was. The student learning outcomes have been a great organizational tool for interpreting my writings in class. For each well-done assignment, I matched it with a goal for the SLOs. My final paper for my first project went with the first goal of rhetorical awareness. The final paper for project three matches with goal two, critical thinking and composing. Goal three is reflection and revision which I compared my first journal we wrote; and finally my second journal matched the best goal four being conventions. My genre analysis outline was one of my assignments that needed the most improvement on in the semester. I choose goal two and part D to connect my unsuccessful outline to and…

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