My First Semester At Community College Of Aurora Essay

713 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 3 Pages
It’s been five years since I graduated from high school. Before I started my first semester at Community College of Aurora, I had done no long writing whatsoever in those few years. I had forgotten everything. I was worried that I would fail this class because of my lack of writing skills. Soon after, I realized that I would learn more writing skills than I did in high school and use them for my papers in class. A personal narrative, was the first assignment I had in my ENG121 class. Through working with this type of writing, I became comfortable with paper and pen. I learned to open up, and express myself. I am in love with books, I’m always in awe of how they can steer emotions in me, produce illusions in my mind, and change my perception of how I see the world around me. It’s as if I’m lost in a different dimension when I read. I wondered how writers could produce such works of art, and I learned that they have the ability to open up. They put their dreams, imagination, and feelings on paper. I learned through this essay that the first step in writing is to open up. Just let it all out in a method called “freewriting”. I have never conducted an interview before this class, and I was unsure on how to transform that interview into an essay, nor did I know that it had features in that form. The features I gathered as knowledge from this essay are: inquiry question, motives, subject matter, structure, sources of info, and language. When I knew all of these, my thinking…

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