The Importance Of The Writing Process

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In order to succeed in English classes, college students must embrace the writing process. Often, college writing professors emphasize the use of the writing process to complete essays throughout the English course, yet a majority of college students fail to embrace the writing process. College students would rather write the way they prefer and wait until the last minute to write essays. Most of these college students believe that the writing process is not an essential key to writing the perfect paper and it is too hard to follow. They believe writing can be done in a single step, and writing doesn’t have to be brainstormed, planned, drafted, revised or edited. Which simply is not true, the writing process plays an essential key role in writing. …show more content…
Writing must be done in several steps like presented in the writing process. Therefore, writing must be brainstormed, planned, drafted, revised, and edited.
For some, the writing process plays a key role in writing the perfect paper. According to Jessica Market, a junior premed major, at Mcneese State University, when an essay was assigned; I start as soon as possible following the writing process, which took many steps. I may not finish it the first day, but at least I came up with my thesis statement and thoughts for my paper. That way I had time to think of what I wanted to say in my paper. Then I wrote my rough draft and final draft, but I never turn it in before the due date because every essay can stand a little work. So, if I wish to edit my paper I had the time to do so. The writing process worked for me because as a premed student, I do not want less than a B on anything. In English 101 and 102, I was able to get A’s on everything. However, Justin China, a sophomore Computer Science major, at Mcneese State University said I use to think the writing process wasn’t necessarily an essential key for the perfect paper. When an essay was assigned, I would wait until the day before the due date, because I

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